Welcome to Pepe BUSD

Dear readers,
Welcome to the Pepe BUSD token whitepaper! We are excited to introduce you to the first meme coin-based decentralized exchange (PepeDex) that is set to revolutionize the way we view and trade meme tokens. At Pepe BUSD, we are committed to providing users with access to the most valuable and promising tokens in the market, ensuring that only the most promising meme tokens that have achieved a market cap of at least 0.5 million or delivered a minimum 5X return to their early adopters are listed on our Dex.
Our reflection mechanism is one of the standout features of Pepe BUSD token. Users can earn BUSD simply by holding or staking their tokens, thanks to a 5% tax imposed on all buy and sell transactions. Moreover, our listing fee will be used to buy back native tokens, which will then be airdropped to holders (30%) and burned (20%), helping to further drive value for token holders.
We invite you to join the revolution and start trading with Pepe BUSD token today. Our platform is the ultimate meme coin exchange for the modern trader, and we look forward to bringing you an unparalleled trading experience.
Thank you for your interest in Pepe BUSD token!
The Pepe BUSD team